FedCheq is a Microsoft Windows based program used to create and manage Federal Reserve NACHA files used for processing electronic payments in various formats such as PPD, CCD, CTX, CCD and IAT. FedCheq maintains a customer database to store account numbers used for offsetting entries, billing charges and batch maximums for risk management. Various import and export routines provide support for external data. FedCheq contains the OFAC engine from FedBlock for compliance of IAT type files and can be used on any NACHA batch.


FedBlock is a Microsoft Windows based program for OFAC compliance. The database used by FedCheq is updated automatically over the Internet and has PLC, SDN and FinCEN data from the US Treasury Department. FedBlock has the capability of performing searches directly on the database and can scan NACHA, FedWire, Electronic 1099 and user defined text files. Searches can be done manually or command-line driven allowing the search to be automated.